"DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy was founded in 1999 to develop and market high-quality skin-care products. We are committed to advancing the practical science of skin care. Every product we sell is precisely formulated from scientifically proven ingredients in our own on-site laboratory. All products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed worldwide from our state-of-the-art Northern California facility. DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy products are paraben-free and we do not conduct animal testing." From



"Currently found in salons and day spas nationwide, the Sonage skincare solution achieved nationwide recognition for being effective in improving skin conditions and appearance. Extensive knowledge, years or research and experience provided the basis for the development of Sonage advanced product lines. Sonage means "His or Her" age in French.

Ecologically aware and formulated without any unnecessary additives, these time-release products incorporate the latest discoveries and nature's purest botanical extracts. Required preservatives used to maintain product purity and quality are in minimal concentration and clinical human trial is chosen over animal testing. All packaging is recyclable." From